Hotel SPS policies


Dear Guests, we would like to thank you for the time spent in order to read our rules for accommodation, stay and checking out.


The reservation at hotel SPS is considered as confirmed after you have received from us a reservation number and the required deposit is transferred. The reservations are kept up to 18:00 h., unless a later arrival is not agreed in advance.


The guests of hotel SPS are accommodated after 14:00 hours in the day of their arrival.


It is recommended the checking-out of the rooms to be performed up to 12:00 hours. Late checking-out, between 12:00 h. and 16:00 h. /only after a confirmation from reception desk/ is charged by 50% of the price of the relevant premises.
If you would like to extend your stay, please contact reception desk. In order to avoid the forming of lines during checking-out, please organize the payment of your bills in advance.
The checking-out of the room is confirmed after an inspection of authorized employee of the hotel that the room is free of damage or smoking.
It is forbidden to take out hotel’s property (towels, sheets, coverlets etc.).


The hotel provides free external parking to its guests.
Warm parking can be used for additional charge, made at the reception desk.


The breakfast is served in the restaurant of the hotel between 07:00 h. to 10:00 h.

Alcoholic drinks policy:

According to the Bulgarian legislation, no alcohol is offered and served to guests at age below 18 years.

Smoking policy:

According to the Bulgarian legislation, hotel SPS follows the non-smoking policy in all indoor parts of the hotel, including: guests premises, public areas and hallways. A penalty may be imposed on guests who do not adhere to our non-smoking policy. The dedicated smoking areas are located within the open area of the hotel.


The access of pets is not allowed (dogs, cats etc.).


Hotel SPS applies the policy for cultural and positive behaviour, both by the personnel and the guests of the hotel.

  • Children, at age below 12 years, are not allowed to use any of the lifts of the hotel if they are not attended by an adult.
  • Running in the hallways of the hotel is absolutely forbidden.
  • The hotel keeps the right not to tolerate unacceptable noise levels or guests’ behavior.
  • Not to damage/destroy the property of the hotel.
  • The hotel keeps the right to ask for compensation by the guests, as per the official price list, for damages, which were caused deliberately or by negligence. If the damages are established after the guest has left the hotel, the hotel keeps its right to withdraw the owed sum from the guest’s credit card or to send him/her an invoice, detailing the expenses of the repairs.

Security cameras:

Hotel SPS is equipped with video-surveillance system, covering the public areas. More than 20 cameras are installed in the hotel.


Hotel SPS offers safe deposit box at the reception desk. Its usage is charged as additional service. For more information, please ask at reception desk. We are not liable for any valuable items and money, left unlocked outside of the safe deposit box, in the rooms and common areas.

Lost items:

Hotel SPS is not liable for lost, damaged or stolen personal belongings. In case of belongings found, the hotel is obliged to contact the guest and send the lost item for the account of its owner. If an item is not requested or looked for in a period of 30 (thirty) days, it will be thrown away.

Chambermaid services:

We offer daily room cleaning in the period 8:00 to 16:00 hours. The change of linen and towels is performed on every third day of the stay. If you need anything after 16:00 hours, please contact reception.

Complaints, refunding and damages:

Each comment or complaint in relation to the stay must be made in the front office or to the hotel manager during the stay in order to resolve the issue right away.
The hotel keeps the right to ask for compensation by the guests for damages, which were caused deliberately or by negligence.

Consequences of the violation of the hotel’s policy:

In case of violation of the rules and policies of the hotel, its management can interrupt the reservation, without liability for refunding or compensation. We expect all guests, employees and tour operators’ representatives to adhere to the present policy and the hotel management is keeping the right to expel any individual(s) who have violated the present policy.

Have a pleasant stay at hotel SPS!